Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire a Home Cleaning Service!

Ten Reasons You Should Hire a Home Cleaning Service

1. Marital Harmony When both spouses are working full time jobs, plus raising a family, home life can quickly become a battleground when it comes to house cleaning. No one wants that. In order to keep the peace and avoid using cleaning as a trigger to your marital concerns, why not hire someone to do the cleaning for you? It may just be a better investment than most mutual funds. It will certainly show far greater returns in a much shorter time, not to mention it is far less expensive than couples’ therapy.

2. More Time to Spend on Hobbies, Recreation and GASP Your Family. Remember all those things you find yourself saying you wish you could do, “If you just had the time?” Well, make the time by giving up a chore that most likely isn’t giving you the warm and fuzzies anyway. By setting a scheduled maid service into your weekly routine, you will find that tidy up is a breeze allowing you the opportunity to take up welding, free form poetic haiku or whatever turns your crank.

3. Some Services Will Let your Pet Out for You. Anyone with pets knows that their little bladders may not be up to a full time workday left alone in the house. Many cleaning services are more than willing to let your pet out into the backyard for a romp, while they clean and to let poochie back in again before they leave. Rover gets some fresh air and a potty break and you get the peace of mind knowing that there may just be one less carpet stain removal for the cleaner to work on.

4. Coming Home to a Clean House is So Much More Fun. Imagine your spouse took a secret day off to clean your home top to bottom to surprise you! Right, like that would ever happen, but it would be wonderful wouldn’t it? So why not arrange for it to happen on a regular basis? Walking in to your home and smelling fresh clean carpets and seeing dust free shelves may just be better for your blood pressure than yoga. It certainly couldn’t hurt.

5. Reliable, Unlike Your Ten Year Old and Spouse. Not to harp on the lack of cleaning support from all the family members, but are they really pulling their weight? Are you doing way more than your fair share? If you find you have to beg, plead and blackmail people into doing chores, you may find that your time at work is becoming your escape from cleaning supplies. Home should be a relaxing refuge not a battle ground, so why not hire a cleaning service and stop trying to guilt the family into action. After all, they are probably just as overscheduled as you and as an added bonus you won’t dread those impromptu In-law drop-ins. The house will be clean tidy and ready for you to argue about something completely different.

6. Easier on our Overscheduled Lives. With work and extracurricular activities like sports, music lessons and dance classes filling up all of our waking hours, there may not actually be any time to clean. It happened to us. Hiring a cleaning service didn’t mean we could do more (I put my foot down), it just meant that we could what we were doing and not look like a worst case scenario for the next episode of “Hoarders.”

7. Convenience. It couldn’t get any easier. Find a company that you feel comfortable with. Word of mouth is a good start, followed by a little research through referrals. Decide on a cleaning schedule that suits your needs and budget and Voila. You can go to work knowing that one less task is glaring at you when you return home. Provided you ask the necessary questions before choosing a service, you can rest easy knowing that an experienced cleaner is taking care of your home and leaving it in a better condition than they found it in.

8. Another Pair of Eyes on Your Home When you are Away. Many people work outside the home and are concerned that their home and belongings are unprotected while they are absent. Having a regular cleaning service can act as an extra home security measure that will give you greater peace of mind.

9. Those Shower Fan Filters May Actually be Cleaned More Often Than During Resale Open Houses. We all have house blindness. We see the memories we have made, we see the toys on the ground, but we may not see the accumulated dust, dirt and debris that can gather in the corners. A cleaning service will clean parts of your home that you may have never got around to cleaning or may not have realized is cleanable. Things like that bathroom fan that may be clogged up with more hair than your shower drain.

10. Satisfaction Guaranteed. You can always fire someone who isn’t cleaning up to your standards and expectations. Start with yourself. When you employ a service, you set the agenda and the standard. If you aren’t pleased you can discuss it with them and ask for more. Which is so much easier than berating yourself for never getting around to the outside window washing.

Devon Delaney advocates the wise employment of cleaning professionals as the true path to a happy family. When not sitting back and relaxing in his sparkly clean home, he is contemplating the mysteries of the universe as they pertain to the miracle of vinegar as a pet odor removal.


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