10 Questions to Ask a Cleaning Service Before You Hire Them!

10 Questions to Ask a Cleaning Service Before You Hire Them!

1. Does the company only employ licensed, bonded and insured cleaners? Depending on where you live, they may or may not need to be licensed. The term “bonded” refers to insurance; it means that you will receive reimbursement if something is broken or ruined through the actions of the staff. Ask to see their Certificate of Liability Insurance to prove that you and their employees will be covered in case of any mishap.

2. Can the company provide referrals to satisfied customers to support their service claims? A company that has nothing to hide can provide you with a list of their clients that are willing to vouch for them. Keep in mind that they are unlikely to steer you towards any negative reviews, so call the local Better Business Bureau and see if there are any complaints on file against the company.

3. Does the company have a cleaning contract that you can have your lawyer or legal savvy friends look over? When you have someone entering your home, in your employ, you won’t want to leave anything to chance. Make sure that the cleaning services you are asking for are clearly detailed and that the prices are included. Above all, do not sign anything without having a third party read it over for red flags and concerning policies.

4. Do their personnel arrive in clearly marked vehicles with identifiable logos on their clothing? If you will be home or have relatives that will be in the home during a scheduled cleaning, you will want to ensure their safety. Having a recognizable uniform or vehicle lets you know that these are the people you have hired and that the job hasn’t been sub-contracted out to another company. Likewise, your neighbors won’t be calling the police weekly out of concern for your valuables.

5. Will it always be the same personnel or will the supervisor be present to ensure that the contract is fulfilled? Having the same person cleaning your home each week will ensure that the job is being done appropriately and that there will be less chance of a miscommunication of the duties as well as a better continuum of services.

6. Insist on a set fee table so that there are no surprises when the bill comes. Inquire as to whether they are expecting to increase their fees in the next year or if they charge extra for seasonal services, such as exterior windows and doors in the spring? Knowing what to expect for the near future will allow you to plan and budget for extra seasonal services. The company should be able to estimate the price of the job for you based on square footage or the quantity of services you require and itemize the list of duties that are covered for the price you are quoted. Feel free to haggle and barter to get the things that you need and pass on the others that you don’t feel are necessary.

7. Will they provide their own equipment and supplies and/or are they willing to use your preferred cleaning products? If they will be using your equipment, you will want to know what will happen if they break it. Will they replace the equipment, have it repaired or require you to replace it? If you prefer that the cleaning supplies be all eco-friendly or unscented then you may be expected to provide the necessary products, and even pay a little more for the extra effort that some green cleaners require.

8. Do they have a satisfaction guarantee? Will they provide a cleaning checklist for you at each visit? It is difficult to know if a job has been performed when you don’t know what they were doing. By having a checklist, you can inspect the quality of the work done and assess if it is what you were expecting. Remember, you are paying for a service and deserve to get the best possible outcome for your money, therefore insist on a guarantee of satisfaction or some policy that will ensure a good working relationship.

9. How will they handle any complaints or changes to the cleaning instructions? So what happens, if you come home and find that jobs haven’t been done or done to your specifications? How will they handle it? Do they have protocols or policies in place to address the problem? Who do you speak to? The employees? The management? These are all questions you will want answered long before there could be a problem to discuss.

10. Are their employees trained in how to identify different surfaces that require special attention and how to deal with the cleaning requirements of newer technologies? Surfaces such as granite countertops and enameled tubs require very particular types of cleaners to be used on them. When faced with an appliance that they have never encountered before, how will the cleaners proceed? Will the management be on site for the first clean to ensure that the cleaners are properly trained to use the equipment and products? Can they provide any certifications or company policies to prove their training of all employees?

This list is meant to be more of a set of guidelines that will get you thinking about the potential issues and problems that could arise when you employ a home cleaning service. Above all, remember that a reputable company will operate as openly and honestly as possible. They will welcome your questions and work with you to ensure a long and rewarding relationship. It is in their best interests.

Devon Delaney is the kind of guy who can wax nostalgic about furniture cleaning escapades while simultaneously enjoying the services of an incredibly efficient and diligent maid service.

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